Alex Weber, founder of AxelStrat, is bringing a new, fresh, organic approach to doing business in today's ever-changing landscape. Armed with a Bachelors of Business Administration - Accounting from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Associates in Music Production and Recording Technology from Madison Media Institute and coupled with real world experience as a Financial Controller for the Pizza Man Restaurant Group, Alex is both a leader in business administration, and expert in the hospitality industry and uses both an analytical and creative approach to developing sustainable business growth strategies.

The old business paradigm is collapsing due to the weight of new technology, innovation, social media and growing environmental awareness. As creatures of habit, humans are innately reluctant to change sometimes, personally and professionally, yet, the world is changing all around us at an exponential rate. How can businesses keep up?

AxelStrat is a company built on core values of integrity, sustainability, and innovation and is passionate about finding solutions for businesses.  By working together, we will find activities that add value to your business while creating a framework that is flexible yet structurally sound and allows your business to grow profitably.

In January of 2018, Alex was diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer. After spending half of year recovering from surgery and chemotherapy, Alex views life with a brand new perspective and is excited to grow AxelStrat with a “never give up” and “can do” attitude.

 A cairn is a balanced stack of rocks that is left by someone to help guide others on a path to their destination. Similarly, a well constructed and executed growth strategy guided by strategic and tactical goals helps businesses reach their destination which why the cairn was adopted as the logo of AxelStrat. Follow the cairns to success!

To be continued…


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