Balance Score Cards

Price Varies Per Project

What's a Balanced Score Card?

The Balanced Scorecard is a business management framework that utilizes Key Performance Indicators (KPI) designed to collect business intelligence and achieve mission objectives. These KPIs are aligned with the organization's mission and vision and are designed to support goal congruence throughout the organization. The Balanced Scorecard is comprised of four perspectives:

  1. Internal Process Perspective

  2. Learning and Growth Perspective

  3. Customer Perspective

  4. Financial Perspective



Working together with members of your organization, we will create customized KPIs, objectives, and initiatives specifically tailored to optimize business growth.


Implementing a Balanced Scorecard can be a monumental change for an organization. Strategic implementation is crucial to its success. We will be there at every step to coach your management team on how to use your new Balanced Scorecard framework.